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While the market has seen numerous fruit-based e-liquids, not all are created equal. With expertise and a keen ability to combine competing flavors, Transitor presents a premiere e-juice that outshines all the rest. Our masters of mix pulled together the savory delights of lemon and berries, something every taste bud desires.

When formulating a winning e-juice, there’s a science to creating the perfect flavor. A special blend of fruity flavors occurrs when merging lemon and berries. Bringing together the luscious flavors of both lemon and berries, this vaping experience is unique and decadent. 

With a blend of sweet and sour, Lem’nBerry E-Juice offers a magical infusion to the senses. You’ll enjoy first the hint of tart lemon, then the satisfying burst of berry with undertones of pink lemonade. With these competing flavors, your taste buds will rejoice. No other e-juice delivers the fanciful fruity feeling like Lem’nBerry!

Each vape creates a long lasting triumphant taste. Experience the best in e-juice vaping today with Lem’nBerry E-Juice.  Order yours today for a sweet and sour sensation you’ll crave.

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